Ways To Get Emergency Cash In Singapore

When faced with an emergency you need to first calm yourself. Then look for a way to get funds. In so doing you will be able to easily compare the options available. Thus you will find the best solution to your monetary problems. Here are some options that will offer you safe and emergency cash.

A Line Of Credit Or Credit Line

This is a pool of cash easily available to borrowers to access. Like with the credit card advance. You need to simply go to the ATM and make a withdrawal of the money you need. This cash can be used for any needs you want at any time.


Cash is accessible instantly, but you have to do an application then wait for some days.

When approved, you can access the amount through the ATM card. You may borrow any loan amount with no withdrawal fees. However, an annual fee regardless of if you utilize it or not.

You should hold a good credit status for the service because banks avoid risk by loans. Other banks could require a security while others only offer this only to the longtime customers.

Credit Card Advance

When you own credit cards, it means you have the key to access cash from affiliated ATMs in Singapore. The cash withdrawn is charged directly to the credit limit. This is easy, you only need to input a one-off PIN. Bear in mind that you need to withdraw your cash advance within the limit. It is below your card’s credit limit.


Cardholders with good credit status get to enjoy this feature. Meaning that you have always repaid your monthly card bills punctually.

The cash Advance is a short-term loan issued by banks. High-interest will be charged on the advance starting on the day the cash is withdrawn. The Advance rates range from between 28% to 29.9% a year.

These interests are compounding. Meaning that they are charged on your current balance thus not to the principal amount you had withdrawn. Thus the longer you take to settle your advance, you will pay more in the end. This will also pull down your score too.

Instant Cash Loans

During an emergency, licensed money lender loans are among the ideal options. When compared to personal loans from banks, its process is much faster. The lending companies in Singapore normally provide short-term credit that you can repay either each week.

You can also repay monthly based on what you prefer. Some moneylenders in Singapore process their loans online. It is faster since the process might take between 30 minutes to about a day.


You need to be cautious when picking a moneylender. Ensure that you are getting a loan from a licensed moneylender. You can do so by checking the authorized website of the Singapore Law Ministry.

Since licensed moneylenders are accommodating in time of urgent need. Even then there are illegal moneylenders who may pretend to assist you financially. However, they only intend to get to your finances. Study on ways to spot the loan sharks to help prevent falling victim to this scam.

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Payday Loan: A Quick Solution For Your Urgent Bills

It is always important to have some working budget and buying only the things that you really need. However, some particular events such as going to expensive restaurants. Or wanting to pamper yourself and purchase new stuff. All this will have an effect on your monthly budget. Then one day you will wake up and recognize that you may not have sufficient money for managing your expenses. it is in such moments that your earning just will not last till your following payday.

At this point, the question would be where you can get funds to settle the urgent bills. Certainly, your boss will not be giving you a paycheck in early. Then again, asking for cash from your parents definitely is not an alternative. You could consider taking the easiest answer to the passing need for funds… the payday loan.

What A Payday Loan Is

Payday loans are another way of getting your earning in advance. Only that it is the moneylenders that instead give you the money. This is a loan offered on the short-term basis by your moneylender to assist you to handle your expenses.

Since this is short term type of loan, related rates are comparatively lower than of other lending companies. This is named payday loan since it is usually short term. Thus you could pay it off on the next payday when you wish to.

What It Does

This loan type caters to the passing financial needs. Some of the “passing financial needs” can come in as urgent bills, some unplanned expenses or even medical assistance. Despite how well you manage your finances, it is simply hard to avoid some of these situations.

In such situations, payday loans might just be the ideal solution for you. You do not need to be anxious about this loan. This is because the loan amount depends on your income. This way, you will not have to borrow more money than what you actually earn.

The Processing Time

The loan application for payday loans will not require that you wait for some days before approval. Since you require urgent cash, your moneylender will deliver it to you fast and possibly within the same day as your application.

Now as its name suggests, a borrower will simply repay the loan using their next paycheck or salary. This loan type is suitable for Singaporeans who would like to handle urgent bills. Then they are capable to settle it in short-term payments.

The processing time is much faster as compared to traditional bank loans. In addition, minimal documents are needed. This loan has less stringent requirements for individuals with bad credit scores. You’ll be happy to know that Singaporeans who have low income do qualify.

The payday Loans are rather helpful particularly in times that you are quite strict with the budget. This type of loan is hassle free and it will work out your temporary financial problem within a day. Even so, like the other money lending services, when not managed well. You could wind up owing your lender more than you had meant to borrow. The payday loan option will act as a fast solution for the urgent bills. Best website on money lender review.

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