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County Judge/Executive Nominations and Fiscal Court Approval

NOTE - Three persons who shall serve one year terms.
Each magistrate will nominate a person owning property in that magistrate’s magisterial district. Each board member nominated by individual magistrates must be approved by majority vote of the entire court. If a magistrate’s nominated choice is not approved by the court, said magistrate will nominate another board member to be offered to the Fiscal Court in like manner for majority approval.

The first County Nuisance Appeal Board will be nominated as described above by magistrates from magisterial districts 1, 2, and 3. The second year magistrates from magisterial districts 4, 5 and 6 will nominate prospective Board Members. The 3rd year magistrates from magisterial districts 7, 1 and 2 will nominate prospective board members.

This rotation will occur in like manner thereafter. In the event that a vacancy occurs on the three member board, the magistrate from the magisterial district that nominated the board member who vacated the office will nominate another resident of that magisterial district to be approved by the court to fill the unexpired term of the vacated board member.