Finance Officer

Sherry J. Jones

Characteristics of the Position: Under the general direction of the County Judge/Executive, assist in carrying out administrative and fiscal functions of county government.  Serve as Fiscal Court Clerk and performs related work as required.

Examples of Duties:

Fiscal Court Clerk

  • Attend and record minutes of all meetings of Fiscal Court.
  • Prepare minutes for approval by Fiscal Court.
  • Distribute copies of minutes to Fiscal Court members, County Attorney, and County Treasurer for review prior to approval.
  • Index minutes for Fiscal Court Order Book.
  • Prepare county ordinances, orders, and resolutions.
  • Prepare all legal advertisements and submit to local newspaper.
  • Maintain composite index of all county ordinances.
  • Maintain Fiscal Court Order Books.
  • Prepare correspondence relating to Fiscal Court.

Finance Officer

  • Receive claims and prepare for Fiscal Court.
  • Enter claims in computer system.
  • Prepare claims list for Fiscal Court.
  • After Fiscal Court approval, print checks for signature.
  • Maintain financial reports and compare with Treasurer at least once a month.
  • Prepare recurring claims for payment.
  • Receive money for deposit from County Treasurer to prepare deposit.
  • Prepare expenditure side of financial statements.
  • Prepare monthly check registers and warrant distribution registers
  • Reconcile appropriations ledgers with County Treasurer on a monthly basis.