District 3 Magistrate

Carl H. Dickerson


District Three

Beginning at Boyds Creek and Highway 249, Go South on Highway 249 to Mt. Pleasant Road, Go South on Mt. Pleasant Road to Highway 820, Go South on Highway 820 to Dry Fork Creek, Following Dry Fork Creek to Peters Creek, Go Southeast on Peters Creek to the Monroe County Line, Go Northeast with Monroe County line to Metcalfe County Line, Go North with Metcalfe County Line to Highway 68-80E, Go West on Highway 68-80E to Lecta-Kino Road, Go South on Lecta-Kino Road to Hollis Thomas Road, Go South on Hollis Thomas Road to New Salem Road, Go West on New Salem Road to the Spencer Road, Go West on Spencer Road to Hollow Road, Go Northwest on Hollow Road to Highway 90E, Go West on Highway 90E to the Cumberland Parkway, Go West on Cumberland Parkway to Highway 63, Go East on Highway 63 to Boyds Creek, Go Southwest with Boyds Creek to Highway 249 and the Beginning.