District 5 Magistrate

Gary Gillon


District FiveĀ 

Beginning at West Main Street and L. Roger Wells Blvd., Go West on West Main Street to Donnelley Drive, Go South on Donnelley Drive to Highway 1297, Go Southwest on Highway 1297 to Beaver Creek, Go East following Beaver Creek to Highway 252, Go South following Barren River Lake to Allen County line, Follow Allen County line West to Warren County line and Barren River, Go North with Warren County line to the Edmonson County line, Go East with Edmonson County line to Apple Grove Road, Go East on Apple Grove Road to Highway 255, Go North on Highway 255 to Dripping Springs Road, Go East on Dripping Springs Road to Kinslow Road, and go on the Kinslow Road to Beaver Creek, Follow Beaver Creek to Highway 90W, Go on Highway 90 to Flint Knob Road, Go North on Flint Knob Road to Whitney Woods Road, Go East on Whitney Woods Road to Pewett Road, Go East on Pewett Road to Old Munfordville Road, Go South on Old Munfordville Road to Highway 31E Bypass, Go Southwest on Highway 31E Bypass toWest Main and the Beginning