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Charles Kerney

CHARACTERISTICS OF THE JOB:   Organizes and directs the use of all Barren County Parks including the Glasgow-Barren County Soccer Complex; performs a variety of duties as required including cleaning, custodial, supervisory, field preparation and maintenance work, and does related work as required.


EXAMPLES OF DUTIES:  Supervises all facilities. Cuts and maintains grass on fields and grounds. Has knowledge and is licensed to mix and spray chemicals in order to maintain fields.  Prepares fields and equipment for play.  Opens and closes facilities according to game schedules and maintenance requirements.  Marks and maintains fields during playing seasons.  Supervises equipment to make sure it is maintained and properly stored.  Paints. Rakes leaves. Plants grass and trees. Makes minor repairs to fences.  Sharpens blades of tractors and mowers.  Does minimal park facility construction.  Repairs equipment. Performs general maintenance and cleaning of all relating buildings and facilities.  Cleans restrooms and replenishes supplies.  Cleans refuse containers and arranges for their pickup.  Does related work as required.


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Barren County was designated by Progressive Farmer Magazine as the "Best Place to Live in Rural America"
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