Road Department

Characteristics of the Job:  This is the responsible supervisory work in the construction maintenance and repair of the county road system and related public works.


Work involves responsibility for organizing and supervising the construction, maintenance, and repair of county road facilities.  Supervision is exercised over a moderate-sized force of road construction, maintenance, and repair personnel.  Work is performed under general direction, and the incumbent is allowed considerable independence and initiative in accomplishing program objectives and is held responsible for the effectiveness of operations performed.  Work is reviewed through conferences, reports, and general supervision of the overall condition of facilities.


Example of Duties: Plans, organizes, and directs a continuing construction, maintenance, and repair program for county roads; including road clearing, street marking, and related public works activities.  Plans and directs the work of skilled and unskilled workers engaged in the construction, maintenance, and repair of roads, bridges, and related facilities; advises and assists subordinates as required. Determines and recommends priority of roads to be maintained and repaired; determines methods and materials to be used; directs the maintenance and repair of related county equipment.  Orders materials, parts and supplies; and maintains close working relationships with various other county departments; handles complaints from the public.  Prepares and maintains necessary records and reports.  Performs related work as required.