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CHARACTERISTICS OF THE JOB: Under direction of the County Judge/Executive, is responsible for managing the county’s budget and receipt, disbursement, investment and accounting of county monies. Performs related work as required.

Perform such duties as enumerated in Kentucky Revised Statutes and Administrative Code Section 200.
Receive, verify and present bills to fiscal court for payment.

Sign checks on all funds
Make prompt deposit of receipts to appropriate bank accounts.
Maintain records of receipts, disbursements and investments.

With County Judge/Executive, invest county funds to maximize interest earnings keeping fiscal court advised of the disposition of such.
Oversee payroll preparation, withholding and payment of payroll taxes and other employee deductions and related reports.

Maintain personnel files on all county employees.
Work with County Judge/Executive, fiscal court and insurance agents to select employee benefits.
Work with County Judge/Executive and other officials and supervisors to prepare county budget.
Monitor budget for needed amendments and adjustments.

Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements for presentation to fiscal court and Judge/Executive.
Oversee county’s fixed assets, annual inventory and GASB 34 regulations and reports
Work with State Auditor’s Office for a speedy and accurate audit